Spammers Take to Online Ads to Spread Malicious Software

Ah, those spam emails of yesteryear, the ones that promised untold wealth for helping a prince get his money out of the country. There were also the ones that offered you an incredible work-from-home job just for filling out this form with your name, birthdate, and Social Security number. And who can forget the emails that said, “You won’t believe these outrageous pictures of [insert celebrity name here]!” and got you to click the link?

Tips for a Fruitful but Safe Cyber Monday

With Black Friday just around the corner, savvy shoppers are making plans to score some great holiday gifts and take advantage of the potential savings. But there’s another almost equally lucrative sales day that can offer you some great deals without having to brave the crowds on Friday.

The Zero-Day Lesson Learned

The cybersecurity world is all a-buzz this week with big news from Google. The tech giant routinely uncovers security flaws in other companies’ software and platforms, but this time, the target was Microsoft’s signature operating system, Windows.

Apple to Remove Zombies from Its App Store

There’s a zombie hunt underway, but it has nothing to do with Halloween. While tales of biohazardous viruses and hordes of the undead can be great scary entertainment, there’s nothing fun about downloading content to your mobile device that poses a threat. This particular zombie hunt is coming out of Cupertino-based Apple headquarters, and its goal is to protect customers from faulty software found in the App Store.

Cybersecurity: Keeping Up with the (Tech) Times

There was once a popular notion that if you couldn’t program the clock on your VCR, all you had to do was ask an eight-year-old to do it. Interestingly, an eight-year-old now might ask, “What’s a VCR?” Sure, times have changed and technology has evolved at an incredible pace, but many of us have been left behind and are still wondering how to program that pesky clock.

DDoS Attacks and You

If you had trouble using your favorite websites last Friday, you're not alone. Large sections of the country experienced internet outages on some major sites, outages which turned out to be an intentional DDoS attack by hackers. The long list of shuttered websites included Twitter, PayPal, CNN, and Reddit, along with several news outlets, social media sites, and retailers. 

Old Scams Become New to Target Charities

The depths to which criminals are willing to sink in order to steal money and information are never ending. Whether it’s extorting money from senior citizens with threats of turning off their utilities or pocketing donations from the public during a time of crisis, there’s apparently no such thing as off-limits.

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