Your Online Presence: The Security Pros and Cons

Are you a social media addict, or do you shun the whole Facebook and Twitter thing? No matter how connected you are or aren’t, a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research shows there may be pros and cons to both.

New Windows 10 Privacy Settings Are Coming

The rollout of Windows 10 was somewhat controversial in the tech community. 
On one hand, the new operating system that powers many Windows computers was eagerly anticipated, especially for the enhanced features it would bring with it. Some critics took a very harsh stance, though, against the widespread feeling of being “forced” into upgrading, something that didn’t sit well with a lot of users.

Security Flaw Reminds Us to Never Reuse Passwords

Many internet users have accounts spread far and wide across the web. Online accounts for your social media apps, email provider, and bank accounts are practically a given these days, but what about all those other accounts?

Hacker Hoax: Don’t Worry, Your Selfies Are in Good Hands

Internet hoaxes can take on a life of their own, circulating over social media until it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. Sometimes the rumor is born out of a genuine, innocent effort to protect the public, and other times there’s a retailer with an ulterior motive.

New Phishing Attack Can Come through your Web Browser

No matter what web browser you use—Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, or any of the other choices out there—your personal data may be at risk due to a handy feature that’s actually supposed to save you time and keep your information accurate.

Keep Your Enemies Close but Your Social Media Friends Closer…

The world of social media has changed the definition of the word “friend.” 

Fake Social Media Profiles: Watch What You Click

If you’ve been around social media, you’ve probably come across a few fake accounts. These spoofed accounts can be anything from someone who’s using a made up name and image, all the way to scammers who create fake celebrity accounts. The fake account might even be masquerading as someone you know, which explains why you might get a friend request from someone you think you’re already connected to.

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