When the retail shopping chain Target experienced a large-scale data breach in 2013, consumers and advocates alike flew into a near-panic mode. It was an eye-opening event, to be sure, and one that has been repeated with a number of other large retailers. While the end result was hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the corporation, the plus side to it is consumers are more aware than ever about the potential for data breaches.

Cyber insurance for your business might be worth the cost. It deserves a good look because it educates on reducing risk, helps when a breach happens and can be a competitive advantage.

Those of us in the identity theft, information security and related fields, are always interested in the latest trends in data breaches. One such source of information is Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)

The cybersecurity and data protection industries are still reeling from the shell-shock that was 2014. With the highest number of data breaches in a single year, last year was an eye-opener for business leaders and consumers alike. While the industry still sorts through how these record-setting events happened and what we can do to prevent 2015 from playing out the same way, there are a few key takeaways that we can already identify.

Consumers beware: you have more medical-related issues to be worried about, but a trip to the doctor or ER won't cure them as the healthcare industry continues to be plagued by information security breaches.

Anthem Healthcare reported last week that approximately 80 million customer and employee records were stolen.


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