Avoiding Identity Theft in the Workplace

When we think of all the ways thieves can nab our personal information, we usually envision data breaches and hacking events, or large-scale attacks that unleash viruses and malware on our computers. But too often, the culprit is something far more ordinary, and doesn’t require Hollywood cyberthriller levels of tech know-how.

Study Finds Mobile App Usage Is Up 58% From Last Year

People are using mobile apps more than ever before, says Flurry. With the exception of gaming, the report found a 58% increase in app usage across every category.

Verizon Releases The State of Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than just a network of connected devices and computers; it is collections of connected  technologies that are truly transforming the business and public sector, and changing how people live, shop, and see the world. The IoT is helping to address some of our economy’s biggest challenges.

What You Need to Know About Smishing

If it seems like hackers and scammers find new ways to attack your data every day, then you’re not too far off base. With every new platform, software, or app that comes out, someone invariably finds a way to use it to their advantage. The end result can be a breach in your personal security and a loss of your identity.

Don’t Discard that Old Device

With the current device penetration of smartphones and tablets, it seems like everyone has a tiny computer in their hands at all times. And with new models being manufactured and service providers enticing new customers with the latest upgrades, there are a lot of devices that get left behind and are no longer in use. So what happens to those devices when the owner upgrades?


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