Part of why identity theft is such a growing crime is because---at least on the surface—it seems so easy. If you have a few pieces of information and a little bit of time on your hands, you can attempt to make off with serious money.

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Not many people can count the days when they were young adults, just starting out in the world, as some of the most financially stable years of their lives. It might be fun to reminisce about the early years of living paycheck to paycheck and eating rice and beans every night for dinner, but truthfully, it’s not much fun to live like that.

The National Center for Victims of Crime's 2015 National Training Institute will be held in September in Anaheim, California, and we are very excited that our own Eva Velasquez will be speaking at the event.

So you're having a great time on vacation when you attempt to pay for a meal or a souvenir only to learn that your purchase is denied.

Identity theft is such a complex and far-reaching crime that it can be hard to rely on only one avenue to fight it. As any victim can tell you, the different types of identity theft can mean that multiple agencies, law enforcement avenues, and organizations can be required to clear up the damage.

There are a lot of things to celebrate about this time of year. Whether it’s the relief that the tax filing deadline is behind you or the many awareness campaigns that are observed in April, or even if it’s nothing more profound than the coming of another spring, there are a lot of things to be happy about during this month.


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