Protecting Your Parents’ Identity

Being the adult child of an aging parent comes with specific challenges. Apart from the obvious concerns over our parents’ health, mental faculties, and ability to provide for themselves, the digital age brings a whole new set of fears. Is someone scamming my mother out of her life savings? Does my dad know how to protect himself from telephone scams? Are my parents being safe online?

ITRC June Call Center Stats

The Identity Theft Resource Center fields hundreds of victim help requests every single month through its website, its ID Theft Help app, and its 24-hour toll-free call center. As part of its mission to keep law enforcement agencies and policymakers aware of the ongoing and evolving threat of identity theft, the ITRC compiles data on the types of help requests that come in.

Five Tips for Secure Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is an innovative, time-saving concept, but it’s open to pitfalls if users don’t know how to safeguard their information. The idea behind it is to put the convenience of sitting at a computer and logging into your bank account right at your fingertips, no matter where you go. Unfortunately, it can also mean putting your information in front of a hacker if you don’t know how to protect your accounts.

Preventing Tax Identity Theft

One of the fastest growing forms of identity theft crime is tax identity theft, as data from several industry sources show. The FTC noted a dramatic increase in identity theft complaints in general, but also found that the number of tax identity theft complaints made up almost half of those reports.

What’s Behind Medical Identity Theft?

All forms of identity theft have their own inherent threats, but one form can actually endanger your health. Medical identity theft, which happens when someone steals your medical information, can leave you vulnerable to changes in your medical records, trouble with your insurance company, and hefty bills to pay.

What You Need to Know about Government Identity Theft

When consumers think of identity theft, they tend to envision credit card fraud, check fraud, or other crimes that can affect their finances. But the reality is that identity theft crimes fall into several different categories, mostly based on what it was a thief was after.

Help for Victims of Criminal Identity Theft

There are many different kinds of identity theft, all of which can have lasting effects for the victims. While financial identity theft can cause problems for making large purchases or even getting a job later, and medical identity theft can even impact the health care you receive, one type of identity theft can land you in jail if it’s not resolved.


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