Ten Easy Steps to Preventing Identity Theft

There are a lot of factors that go into preventing identity theft, and many of them are out of the consumers’ control.

IRS Changes to Combat Identity Theft and Fraud Can Slow Down Your Refund

Most of us probably don’t count tax return season as our favorite time of year, and new changes to the way the IRS processes refunds might even make it more annoying for some of us. The agency has announced that it expects to delay the issuance of taxpayers’ refunds next year in anticipation of stricter oversight.

Students Least Likely to Discover Identity Theft

For adults who experience account fraud—such as when someone uses their stolen credit card number or an online account—there are a lot of built-in safeguards that can work in their favor. While it’s not the norm for everyone, a significant number of consumers usually discover the fraud themselves or through an alert of some kind from their issuing financial company.

Consumers Wary of Mobile Wallet Apps

It seems hard to believe that when electric lights first became a widespread household improvement, some people were scared off by the technology. Wires full of electric current? Not in my house! I’ll stick to my nice safe glass pillar of burning kerosene, thank you very much!

Identity Theft and Fraud Target the Military

Scammers have no morals when it comes to stealing money and identifying information from their victims, and a recent case in California proves that once again. While so many scammers go after the elderly or lower income individuals, or even those who’ve been affected by a devastating event like the recent floods in Louisiana, these criminals targeted members of our active duty military who were stationed at a nearby base.

Wells Fargo Fires over 5,300 Employees for Account Fraud

As a consumer, you’ve probably been warned for years about the need to look over your bank account statements, your credit card bills, your medical insurance statements, and even your credit reports for any signs of suspicious activity. This activity could be an early sign that something strange is happening to your account and to your identity, specifically that a thief is using your account for fraud.

ITRC Call Center Stats - August 2016

You’ve probably heard of Christmas in July, but you might not know about January in August. Don’t worry, it’s not a real phenomenon, although it’s very surprising from an identity theft standpoint.


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