Officer Barks Arrests the Wrong Dog

Maximus wasn’t the first dog that Officer Barks had heard say “I swear it wasn’t me!”. However, in this case Maximus was telling the truth. 

His Tax Return was sent to a Chihuahua? How Could this Happen?

Today is a good day for our favorite dog. Maximus has worked all year round at the police station chasing down bad guys like they were mailmen with treats.

Is Your Puppy Killing Your Privacy?

Maximus and Ginger’s pup, Daisy is growing up fast and active on all of the social networks.  She posts everything from pictures of what she is eating to how she is feeling on any given day. 

Ever Heard of a Catfishing Chihuahua? Ginger has…

Ginger has a few friends who tried online dating and they had great luck. Some of her friends have even gotten married and had a few litters of puppies. So, though she was nervous, she went ahead and signed up for an account on She diligently put together her profile and started looking for her other half. After two weeks, it seems as though she had found him when she was contacted by Maximus, a handsome Great Dane with a successful career, who even liked the same nerdy sci-fi films she did! He was a dream come true!

Got a Smartphone? Then You’ve got Identity Theft Help!

Here at the Identity Theft Resource Center, we are always looking to reach more consumers.  Our services are only effective when people know about our organization and utilize what we have to offer. 

ID Thieves Use Variety of Tactics to Steal from Us

Thieves use a variety of ways to get in and steal property. They might be dressed in fake company service uniforms to avoid attention or break in during the day when you are at work.

ITRC Call Center Stats for August 2015

Each month, the Identity Theft Resource Center categorizes the consumer help requests that come into the 24-hour toll-free call center. By following up on the types of identity theft complaints that the public brings, the ITRC can then establish a clearer picture for law enforcement, policymakers, and even everyday citizens in order to know where the actual threats to personal data security lie.


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