Keep those Presents from Stealing your Identity

With the gift giving holidays behind us and New Year's coming up, it's tempting to let your guard down and relax for the last few days of 2015. But before you can do that, you've got a few precautions to take.

ITRC's Predictions for 2016

At the conclusion of every year, the Identity Theft Resource Center takes a comprehensive look back at the issues and events that shaped the identity theft landscape from the previous year. Using trends, data breach results, and victim surveys, the ITRC makes predictions about what the coming year may hold.   

Red Flag: Are You a Victim of Medical Identity Theft?

In 2006, a Utah woman named Anndorie Sachs received a phone call that no mother ever wants to hear. She was being investigated by Child Protective Services after recently giving birth to a baby who was addicted to meth. Investigators actually arrived at her house, threatening to take her four children into custody.

The State-by-State Identity Theft Threat

It’s no secret that the battle against identity theft is still an ongoing fight, with 690 large-scale data breaches so far in 2015 and an increase in crimes like tax refund fraud.

ITRC Call Center Stats for November 2015

Each month, the Identity Theft Resource Center compiles an in-depth breakdown of the types of identity theft that victims reported through the 24-hour toll-free call center, the ITRC website, or other means of connecting with the organization.


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