Internet Takeover: Identity Theft Goes Digital

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and that means consumers and business owners alike are invited to set aside some time over the course of the month to learn more about the current trends in cyber security, the threats to our personally identifiable information, and more.

The Emotional Impact of Identity Theft

Each year in October, the National Cybersecurity Alliance plays host to an important month-long program, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This program provides individuals, businesspeople, policymakers, and law enforcement with education on the latest trends in securing sensitive data, as well offers vital information recognizing and combatting cybercrime.

Opportunity Lost: The Aftermath of Identity Theft

There are so many ramifications of being a victim of identity theft and fraud, including lost income, lost time from work trying to resolve the matter, even lost relationships with people close to you. The Identity Theft Resource Center’s annual Identity Theft: The Aftermath 2016 report shows the financial, emotional, and even physical toll that this crime takes on its victims.

Fighting Financial Identity Theft

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues to educate consumers about the need to secure their data, and the National Cybersecurity Alliance has provided different themes for each week of the month-long October campaign. This week, NCSAM is helping consumers to learn how to recognize and combat cybercrime.

Identity Theft: Past, Present, and Future

Identity theft is not a new crime, but the way it takes shape changes almost daily. As new technology and new methods of attack crop up, consumers, advocates, law enforcement agencies, and policymakers have to work overtime to keep up.

Ten Easy Steps to Preventing Identity Theft

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, sponsored by StaySafeOnline and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, in conjunction with multiple partners and stakeholders in the industry. The month-long event works to raise awareness of the specific areas where everyone can be better equipped and prepared to protect their sensitive data.

IRS Changes to Combat Identity Theft and Fraud Can Slow Down Your Refund

Most of us probably don’t count tax return season as our favorite time of year, and new changes to the way the IRS processes refunds might even make it more annoying for some of us. The agency has announced that it expects to delay the issuance of taxpayers’ refunds next year in anticipation of stricter oversight.


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