Be on the Lookout for Shipping Scams

A growing number of consumers have come to rely on online shopping for their holiday purchases, and it’s not hard to see why. Retailers of every size have started offering great online deals, coupons, and sales specials, and busy people have taken a liking to saving money while shopping in their pajamas, well away from the crowds and on their own terms.

Do You Have a Black Friday Game Plan?

Part of the fun of holiday shopping is in making out lists of the “perfect” gift to give your loved ones, then browsing for just the right item. For some particularly savvy shoppers, establishing a Black Friday “game plan” means researching which stores are having the best sales, navigating the crowds of shoppers, and even tag-teaming with friends or relatives to whittle the shopping lists down in record time.

Where Will Chip Cards End Up Next?

When the US first launched its EMV card rollout—also known as a “chip” card—only a handful of retailers accepted them. This system has already been in place for decades around the world, with about 90% of non-US retailers’ point-of-sale systems accepting either chip cards or magnetic stripe cards. Therefore, while new to many US consumers, the technology really isn’t that new.

ITRC November Twitter Chat

Each month, the Identity Theft Resource Center hosts an informative Twitter chat that gives the public, industry experts, and stakeholders alike the opportunity to weigh in on important identity theft-related topics. This month’s event will be held on Thursday, November 17, at 3:00 PM (EDT), and will feature important tips and trend news that are specific to this time of year.

No State is Immune to Insurance Fraud

When it comes to the different forms of fraud that target consumers, it might seem like we’re all in the same boat. But the reality is that scammers know their audiences and they know how to approach potential victims. That’s why consumers in different states have to be extra-cautious about specific types of fraud that only apply to their area.

New IRS Changes Already Producing Results

Earlier this year, the IRS announced some changes to the tax return and refund process that were aimed at curbing rampant tax refund fraud. There was some concern that these changes were going to be unpopular, as the very first possible consequence was a slower response time in issuing refunds due to the further scrutiny of tax returns to avoid fraud. 

Familiar Fraud: The Unmerry Side of the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, signs of merriment are everywhere. Store displays have gone up, iconic festive images are appearing here and there, and retailers and advertisers are spreading messages of warmth and good cheer. For far too many people, though, the holiday season doesn’t always mean spending meaningful time with cherished loved ones. Instead, it means identity theft and fraud.


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