Medical ID TheftThe definition of medical identity theft is the fraudulent use of an individual’s personally identifiable information (PII), such as name, Social Security number, and/or medical insurance identity number to obtain medical goods or services, or to fraudulently bill for medical goods or services using an unlawfully obtained medical identity. Unfortunately, the definition of MIDT and the consequences that are associated with the crime are not common knowledge to the general public. Medical identity theft (MIDT) is a crime that has profound consequences for patients, insurance providers, and health care providers.

In order to minimize the effects of MIDT we must better understand the nature of MIDT.   For this purpose, the ITRC created and released a new video - What is Medical Identity Theft?. This video is part of an ongoing campaign to educate the public about the many issues surrounding this topic.  The video was shot as part of an ongoing program to increase awareness about this issue.  The campaign was made possible through financial support provided by The Rose Foundation.

The ITRC has several Fact Sheets, Solutions and Letter Forms listed below to assist victims facing medical identity theft and to heighten consumer awareness on medical identity theft issues.  Additional information on medical identity theft issues is provided in our ITRC Medical Identity Theft blogs.

The ITRC knows it is important to assess how consumers’ identities are stolen, how they find out they have fallen victim to this crime, and how difficult it is to resolve once discovered. The ITRC believes this information can be used to educate and make aware the general public as to what MIDT is and how they can minimize their risk or mitigate the cost once they become a victim.  If you believe you are a victim of identity theft and would like our assistance please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or call the ITRC Victim Assistance Center Toll Free (888) 400-5530.  


Medical Identity Theft Fraud Alliance

The ITRC is proud to announce that it is a founding member of the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA) - the first cooperative public/private sector effort created specifically to unite all stakeholders in jointly developing solutions and best practices for the prevention, detection and remediation of medical identity fraud.

Medical identity theft and fraud constitute a major societal problem exerting pressure on our healthcare and financial ecosystems. The MIFA membership is dedicated to building focused direct prevention and resolution mechanisms.  MIFA aims to manage the impact of medical identity theft through stakeholder-coordinated research, increasing education and awareness, developing focused tools and procedures, promoting best-in-class strategies, technologies and practices and influencing government regulations, policies and laws.

MIFA is also dedicated to helping its members better protect their organizations and consumers from medical identity theft and the resulting financial, physical and emotional damage it can cause.

Medical Identity Theft Knowledge Survey

The ITRC recently conducted its Medical Identity Theft Knowledge Survey. The ITRC fielded this survey to determine consumers’ knowledge and understanding of medical identity theft. Specifically, the survey was designed to test consumers’ existing knowledge of the definition and characteristics of medical identity theft, how to detect an incident of medical identity theft and how to remediate one’s medical identity theft case after becoming a victim

Media Outreach - Medical Identity Theft and Healthcare Breaches

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