Fertilizer Scam                        

Door to door scammers target elderly home owners with fertilizer scam.

Costco Credit Card Scam            

Costco customers are being warned to be on the lookout for a phone scam targeting shoppers who use credit cards for Costco purchases.

Disaster Cleanup Scam                      

Residents along the Brazos River have been devastated by recent flooding.  Now, scammers circle like vultures.

Facebook Cloning Scam   

Social engineering proves an effective shortcut to identity theft.

Prepaid Renter Scam    

Law Enforcement officials are warning of a new rental scam where victims are offered deep discounts on rental properties in exchange for pre-payment.

Attorney General Email Scam 

The Maryland Attorney General is warning local businesses to be on the lookout for an email scam involving his office.

Circuit Clerk Phone Scam

Law enforcement in Mississippi are warning residents about a phone scam.


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