New Phishing Attack Can Come through your Web Browser

No matter what web browser you use—Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, or any of the other choices out there—your personal data may be at risk due to a handy feature that’s actually supposed to save you time and keep your information accurate.

Keep Your Enemies Close but Your Social Media Friends Closer…

The world of social media has changed the definition of the word “friend.” Now, a friend might be someone who works in your same career field, someone you knew in second grade but haven’t seen since, or just a person you chatted with for an hour in a very long line waiting for coffee. The connections we form online are very real, even if they’re not exactly the same as the ones we have in “real life.”

Fake Social Media Profiles: Watch What You Click

If you’ve been around social media, you’ve probably come across a few fake accounts. These spoofed accounts can be anything from someone who’s using a made up name and image, all the way to scammers who create fake celebrity accounts. The fake account might even be masquerading as someone you know, which explains why you might get a friend request from someone you think you’re already connected to.

Why Can’t We Catch Hackers?

It’s an easy enough question, but one for which the answer is very complex and multi-faceted: why can’t we catch cybercriminals? With all of the technology at our disposal, why is it still so hard to find the people perpetrating the hacking, data breaches, fraud, and scams?

Want to Get Rid of Ransomware? Infect Your Friends.

Ransomware is pretty nasty stuff, and its victims have included everyone from a lone computer user to a large-scale major medical center. As the name implies, your computer or network becomes infected with a virus that basically locks up the entire thing. A popup window associated with the virus appears and gives you the instructions for removing the virus, namely, to pay the ransom.

When the “Experts” Get Scammed

When it comes to scam and fraud attempts, there is literally no limit to what kind of victim the criminals will go after. Whether it’s senior citizens on a fixed income, charitable organizations, small business owners, military veterans and their families, or any other group whom you might otherwise think would be “off limits,” that’s simply not true.

Proposed Plan to Regulate IoT Devices through the FCC

History buffs may know that the Titanic disaster had far-reaching consequences as officials struggled to understand and correct what had led to such a terrible loss of life. One of the lesser known outcomes was the formation of the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, under the Radio Act of 1912.


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