Data Breach in Kansas Steals SSNs in Ten Other States

Big Data means big money, whether that’s for advertisers, industries… or cybercriminals. As one state government agency in Kansas has learned the hard way, access to complete data sets for millions of people at a time can put entire networks and servers in the hackers’ crosshairs.

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Anthem Struck by Yet Another Data Breach in a Year of Record Setting Numbers

The medical sector is often hard hit by data breaches, hacking events, and tactics like ransomware attacks, largely because they work with vast amounts of highly sensitive information. 

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2017 Data Breaches Hit Half-Year Record High

For more than a decade, the Identity Theft Resource Center has tracked data breaches to form a better picture of how this issue continues to occur and to identify trends over time. Now, 2017 has posted a new record.

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Washington State University Suffers Old-Fashioned Data Breach

Hackers have some pretty high-tech skills at their disposal, skills that can put some industry techxperts to shame. With all the news of record-setting numbers of data breaches and sophisticated internet operatives, it’s easy to forget that not all data breaches are so high-tech.

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DocuSign and OneLogin Become Data Breaches Victims

Two sites with your information hit with massive breaches.

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Chipotle Food Chain Announces Large-Scale Data Breach

All you wanted was a burrito, but you may have gotten a side of data breach.

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Was Your Online Recipe Box Hacked?

A lot of people might scratch their heads at having to create a username and password for seemingly harmless online accounts. Anything where money isn’t involved or personal data isn’t entered shouldn’t need strong security protocols, right?


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