Was Your Online Recipe Box Hacked?

A lot of people might scratch their heads at having to create a username and password for seemingly harmless online accounts. Anything where money isn’t involved or personal data isn’t entered shouldn’t need strong security protocols, right?

Telemarketer Data Breach Leaked Nearly 1M Seniors’ Info

As if telemarketers weren’t pesky enough, a recently discovered data breach of a healthcare telemarketing firm resulted in almost one million senior citizens’ information being posted available online.

New Mexico Becomes Most Recent State to Enact Data Breach Notification Law

States across the US have been enacting legislation to protect their citizens in the event of a data breach since California first did it back in 2003. The most recent state, New Mexico, marks the 48th state to implement new laws that require speedy notification.

Multi-State Data Breach Exposes Job Seekers Personal Information

Job seekers in ten different states have been notified of a data breach that affected American JobLink Alliance (AJLA) earlier this month.

States Expand Laws Regarding Data Breach Notification

Data breaches have set record-breaking numbers for the past few years, and they’ve hit companies of practically every size and industry. Sometimes the stolen information is nothing more than email addresses and passwords, while in other breaches hackers come away with the complete identities of countless people.

Your Info Was Breached. What Now? 

If you’ve ever received a letter saying that you’re part of a data breach, you’re not alone.

PlayStation, Xbox Data Breaches Compromise 2.5M Accounts

Video game fans with user accounts for two popular systems, PlayStation and Xbox, are probably aware by now that the forums for both systems were hacked last week, compromising 2.5 million accounts.


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