Multi-State Data Breach Exposes Job Seekers Personal Information

Job seekers in ten different states have been notified of a data breach that affected American JobLink Alliance (AJLA) earlier this month.

States Expand Laws Regarding Data Breach Notification

Data breaches have set record-breaking numbers for the past few years, and they’ve hit companies of practically every size and industry. Sometimes the stolen information is nothing more than email addresses and passwords, while in other breaches hackers come away with the complete identities of countless people.

Your Info Was Breached. What Now? 

If you’ve ever received a letter saying that you’re part of a data breach, you’re not alone.

PlayStation, Xbox Data Breaches Compromise 2.5M Accounts

Video game fans with user accounts for two popular systems, PlayStation and Xbox, are probably aware by now that the forums for both systems were hacked last week, compromising 2.5 million accounts.

The Random Nature of Data Breaches

With the ever-present news of yet another data breach, it’s easy for the public to fall victim to “data breach fatigue.” This very real phenomenon occurs when we’re bombarded with another headline, another notification letter, another alert from our credit card company. The public might easily think data breaches are commonplace and impossible to prevent, but that’s actually the worst reaction any of us could have.

ITRC has been tracking and compiling statistics on data breaches since 2005. Our findings are reported below or you can view the multi-year report.

Yahoo Data Breach Means Hackers Are After More Than Just Your Name

The Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking data breaches for over ten years, and has seen the trends shift greatly in that time. Cybercrime has evolved from the days when highly-skilled thieves exploited vulnerabilities in network security in order to steal data. Now, anyone with the right tools and a little bit of know-how can use less sophisticated methods like phishing, ransomware attacks, and account spoofing.


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