I just want to let you know that I recently became a victim of identity theft. I am so glad I found the ITRC website and placed a call.  Cody was great at listening to me and then providing me with plenty of great information. He really is an expert. Even after only one call, ITRC and Cody have really made me feel better during this very stressful experience. I know now that I can reach out to ITRC for advice at anytime and that is a great feeling. 

Thank you very much for the great service your organization and Cody provides.



What a significant job you have.
You are helping so many people!
Our conversation today was so important!

I have downloaded your iPad APP and will now
study and be more aware.

Thank you for doing what you do!!!


Pamela is one of more than 8 million Americans with a disability which limits her ability to work.  In 2012, she stopped receiving her disability checks causing her to become late on her rent, not to mention unable to buy food and other necessities.  When Pamela contacted the Social Security Office to inquire why she had stopped receiving her benefits, she was told she had made too much money the prior year to continue receiving benefits.

Hello Wilma,

Thank you so very much for the information!

I have been doing all of it alone. I have a degree as a paralegal or did...I am sure you are aware there is very little available to people experiencing this mess. You have been a blessing. I know that this has brought me to my knees on more than one occassion and the fact that I am stubborn as a goat is the only reason I have made it this far...




Thanks for all of your help - and all that you do in the field of ID Theft Awareness.

Kat helped me out last week with matters relating to a CRA and sensitive info, and for her knowledge and help I am most grateful!  Thank you so much!


I want to express my most sincere gratitude to your organization and most importantly to Cody. For over two months I have begged and pleaded for help. I have been repeatedly shut down or brushed off. The call I made to you was a complete hail Mary. Cody was beyond amazing. He actually listened to me and treated me with respect. He didn't just provide me with help he actually gave me hope, which I was about out of.



I  just want to commend Kat, she’s been a great help,  I’ve never dealt with ID theft, and hoped I would never have to, but she’s been a great help with all of the information, it has been a bit overwhelming for me but I just want to commend her great customer service.  Thank you very much.


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