Also called the Global Day of Giving, Giving Tuesday on November 28th encourages individual and group efforts to support worthy causes.

As a non-profit organization, the Identity Theft Resource Center is grateful to be a part of this important day of giving.

ITRC depends on support from sponsors, grants, and donations to provide on-going support and resources to victims of identity theft and consumers. We play a very important role in giving back to anyone who is or may become a victim of identity theft by offering our services at no-cost. The chance to speak to a knowledgeable person within moments of discovering that a crime may have occurred can mean all the difference to someone who is struggling to know where to even begin. As shown in our annual Aftermath Report, 75 percent of the participants reported that they were severely distressed over the misuse or attempted misuse of their personal information.

In addition to the emotional impact, the report also discovered various lost opportunity costs victims experienced when they became a victim. For example, nearly one-third of respondents indicated they spent time away from other life experiences, like hobbies or a vacation, to deal with the fallout from their cases. More than 25 percent of respondents indicated they had to borrow money from family or friends.

Of course, the real work of stopping this crime begins at the top. The ITRC serves as a source of information and advocacy to lawmakers, law enforcement officials, consumer groups, and more. In order to be as effective in sparking change as possible, it’s important to be able to provide clear, factual information to those who are working to curb identity theft crimes.

We’re grateful for any help that you can offer this year. In a climate with so much need, we know that there are many, many worthy causes you can support.

Should you decide to donate to another vital organization this Giving Tuesday, here are some things to do to ensure your donation makes an impact:

1. Do your homework

The internet will be filled with posts and links about giving so make sure you spend some time investigating the legitimacy of the charity or non-profit you choose before you give. You can check out the Better Business Bureau’s or Guidestar for more details on a specific organization.

2. Beware the scams

It’s not just that someone could take your money and never give it to the intended recipient; in the digital age, inputting your credit card information can open you up to ongoing identity theft and fraud. Know who you’re giving to before you pay.

3. Consider giving all year

While it’s nice to take advantage of various promotions (like donation matching) to encourage donations on the Global Day of Giving, these organizations need your support all year long. Many charities will offer the option to make small monthly donations. This will help them meet their needs and can save you from a larger hit to your budget.

Anyone can be a victim of identity theft, anyone can use our services, and anyone can help us help others. If you found this information useful, please consider donating to the Identity Theft Resource Center to help us keep our services free to the public.

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