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Part of the fun of holiday shopping is in making out lists of the “perfect” gift to give your loved ones, then browsing for just the right item. For some particularly savvy shoppers, establishing a Black Friday “game plan” means researching which stores are having the best sales, navigating the crowds of shoppers, and even tag-teaming with friends or relatives to whittle the shopping lists down in record time.

    With the holiday season approaching, signs of merriment are everywhere. Store displays have gone up, iconic festive images are appearing here and there, and retailers and advertisers are spreading messages of warmth and good cheer. For far too many people, though, the holiday season doesn’t always mean spending meaningful time with cherished loved ones. Instead, it means identity theft and fraud.

      It would be downright funny if it wasn’t so alarming: a new study shows that cyberthieves are being hit hard by an economic crisis related to supply and demand. The problem? There is so much stolen information being sold on the dark web that prices have dropped significantly.


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