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Privacy is just one of many other issues that is directly, as well as indirectly, related to identity theft.  Because of this, the ITRC strives to educate victims and inform consumers about the necessity to protect personal information.

For instance -

Additional Resources

ITRC Fact Sheets -

FS 103 - Online Shopping

FS 119 - Direct Connections to the Internet - Protecting Yourself and Your Information

FS 138 - Social Networking and Identity Theft

FS 142 - Protecting Your Computer from WiFi Danger

FS 146 - Smartphone Privacy and Security

ITRC Solutions -

SN 13 - Protecting Information of the Internet

SN 14 - Protecting Your Online Identity

SN 19 - File Sharing P2P Software Safety

SN 32 - Strong Passwords

SN 33 - Securing Your Home Wireless Network

SN 37 - Doxing and Internet Safety Tips

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