2018 Data Breach Reports

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ITRC Breach Stats Summary

As a leader in privacy & security practices, the Identity Theft Resource Center has historically been at the forefront of data breach trends and a clearinghouse of breach analytics. We are always looking at our data analysis practices to ensure the best possible data integrity. With this review, we have adopted a new methodology in reporting our analysis to you. Effective this week, we will be reporting based on the date in which the public was notified first. With this change, you may see a change in some of the metrics over a period of time as we become aware of breaches for previous periods.

As a result, ITRC has seen a change in our original 2017 reporting. Please note that this will continue to be the case as this is an organic process. Our reports will be reflective of the best information we have on the date of the report.

In an effort to make sure that we’re giving you the best information available, we will continue to post the reports weekly on our website, but we will be changing our current email delivery to a monthly newsletter starting the first week of March with breaking alerts when big news in breaches hit.

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