2018 October Data Breach Package

2018 October Monthly Breach List

2018 October Category Summary

As a leader in privacy & security practices, the Identity Theft Resource Center has historically been at the forefront of data breach trends and a clearinghouse of breach analytics. We are always looking at our data analysis practices to ensure the best possible data integrity.

As of July 1, 2018, we will begin reviewing our reporting practices to ensure we are in keeping with best-in-industry practices. During this time, we will not be posting weekly updates to the reports that are listed above. You will have access to the prior month’s reports which will remain linked on the site.

The new reporting structure will allow us to bring more depth to the reports that you have been receiving and will give the Identity Theft Resource Center a better tool to analyze trends and provide effective commentary on the state of breaches as they are made public. Please note that this will continue to be an organic process. Our reports will be reflective of the best information we have on the date of the report.

We will continue to track and aggregate emerging breaches as they become publicly available. We anticipate having updated reporting for you to use effective October 15, 2018. We will also be bringing some new breach products online in the coming months as part of this process as well.

If you have any questions during this time regarding specific incidents, please reach out to us directly via email: itrc@idtheftcenter.org

This monthly alert keeps you posted on the latest trends and activity in the world of breaches.