Thank you for reviewing our annual Data Breach Report, sponsored by CyberScout. For 20 years, the Identity Theft Resource Center, a nationally recognized non-profit established to support victims of identity theft, has worked to empower identity theft victims by providing support and guidance in resolving their cases and educating consumers on ways to minimize their risk of falling victim to identity theft.

In 2018, ITRC tracked an extreme jump at 126 percent in the number of consumer records exposed from data breaches and a decrease of 23 percent in the number of breaches compared to the year before. As of July 2019, ITRC reached a milestone in cataloging over 10,000 publicly-noticed U.S. based breaches since 2005. Sign up for our monthly data breach newsletter & alerts.

17% Increase!

Identity Theft Resource Center®‘s Annual End-of-Year Data Breach Report Reveals 17 Percent Increase in Breaches Over 2018

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