The National Center for Victims of Crime’s 2015 National Training Institute will be held in September in Anaheim, California, and we are very excited that our own Eva Velasquez will be speaking at the event.

This important training is one of the most crucial things industry professionals can do to raise awareness of different types of crime and address real-world solutions. The Identity Theft Resource Center is honored to have been invited to present on identity theft, data breaches, and associated crimes in order to bring key facts to light for these professionals.

With a target audience of law enforcement officers, advocates, policymakers, researchers, and other interested personnel, the Training Institute is like a one-stop shop to reach as many of the crucial specialists and authorities on crime.

The event is a chance for all of types of entities to take time to really focus on the victims of the crime and by bringing these different experts together, it’s possible to bridge the many different aspects of victimization.  The ITRC will enjoy the chance to present our own vital data on identity theft and its victims.

The ITRC gathers not only the statistical data on identity theft and its prevalence on a monthly basis and compiles an annual report, but also speaks with victims to get a better understanding of how identity theft impacts their lives. The work of clearing up the issue is daunting enough, but the ITRC has found that the emotional toll it takes on consumers is very profound. The knowledge that an unknown criminal is “out there” causing harm to an individual’s good name can have lasting effects.

But identity theft is just one of the many important topics explored at this conference. Nearly seventy different workshops and panels will address: violence against women, victims with disabilities, tribal issues, immigration and human trafficking, child and youth victimization, elder abuse, sexual assault within the military, and so many more.

The event will take place from September 9th to the 11th in Anaheim, California.  For more information on the event—including registration and lodging options for your team members—be sure to check out the website at