Jetting Off to a Summer Hotspot? Tips for Using The Internet While Traveling

As the weather warms up, our thoughts can turn to vacation plans and exotic destinations. But the ideal summer hotspot can come with some hidden dangers that might derail any future plans, and many of those threats are online.

Global WannaCry Ransomware Attack Infects More than 200K Users

Last Friday, more than 200,000 computers around the world in 150 countries, were infected with one of the fastest-spreading known ransomware titles, WannaCry.

Keeping Seniors CyberSafe

It’s Older Americans Month, a time to pay close attention to the unique contributions and complex needs of our aging populations.

Facial Recognition and its Security Flaws

In the race to come up with even more secure forms of protecting your technology and your accounts, researchers have been experimenting with a variety of methods. Everything from two-step authentication to advanced biometrics (think fingerprint sensors) have been used in some way.

World Password Day 2017

#LayerUp Your Login: The Global Fight Against 123456....

Phish, Phlash, Spoof: Do You Know Your Cyber Security Vocab?

Phishing attack, spoofing attempt, ransomware, botnets… the lingo surrounding technology can be pretty strange, but it can all lead back to a very real threat to your data if you’re not on top of it. Even worse, new technology and new methods of attack appear practically every day, making it hard for even the most highly-skilled IT professionals to stay ahead of the game.

Are You Still Hanging onto an Old Email Account?

One of the earliest large-scale social media sites, MySpace, suffered a data breach that may have occurred as early as 2013 but was only discovered in 2016. The stolen information was found for sale on a black market data website and contained usernames, email addresses, and passwords to an estimated 360 million user accounts. When the announcement of the breach was made, a lot of people shared the same initial thought: “Do I still have a MySpace account?”

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