What You Don’t Know about Cybersecurity Can Hurt You

When it comes to protecting our privacy and staying safe online, new data from the Pew Research Center shows that too many of us aren’t as savvy as we think. The need for strong passwords, the dangers of connecting to public wifi, even the ability to spot common scams are topics that many people aren’t familiar with.

Keep Yourself Safe When Using Public Computers 

You can take lots of steps to avoid malware and cyberattacks on the devices you own. But how can you protect your online safety when you use public computers at your local library, school, cyber café, or hotel lobby? 

Phish Spotter: Who’s Waldo? 

You consider yourself internet-savvy, right? You’d never fall for one of those phishing emails from some Nigerian “prince” who wants to give you his entire family fortune if you’ll just send your bank account number and a $5,000 transfer fee. But some email scams aren’t that obvious. In fact, sometimes spotting fake emails can be harder than a game of Where’s Waldo in a room full of red-and-white striped shirts. 

Clear Out the Cobwebs: Spring Cleaning for your Mobile Device

As the weather turns warmer, many people start looking around at their home improvement projects and “spruce-ups” that they’ve put off through the winter.

Pirates, Beware! Patcher Virus Is Coming for You!

Here at the Identity Theft Resource Center, we try to focus on ways the public can minimize their risk of identity theft and being hacked while also acknowledging that sometimes this crime is completely out of their hands.

Creating Strong Passwords Can Be Fun

If you’ve spent even a few minutes of your life near a computer, you’ve probably already been schooled on the need for strong, unique passwords.

That's What We Call a Snack Attack: Hackers Gain Access Through Vending Machines

The internet of things has produced some really cool innovations. From lamps that come on when you drive up to your house to countertop crock pots that you can turn on and off from your desk at work, our connected lives are easier than ever.

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