Creating Strong Passwords Can Be Fun

If you’ve spent even a few minutes of your life near a computer, you’ve probably already been schooled on the need for strong, unique passwords.

That's What We Call a Snack Attack: Hackers Gain Access Through Vending Machines

The internet of things has produced some really cool innovations. From lamps that come on when you drive up to your house to countertop crock pots that you can turn on and off from your desk at work, our connected lives are easier than ever.

Yahoo Quietly Informs Users of a “Forged Cookie” Attack

Yahoo has recently suffered a series of bad press announcements, mostly stemming from cyberattacks from as far back as 2013. In two separate discoveries last year, the company informed users that around  1.5 billion email accounts were believed to have been breached, making it the largest data breach in history.

Forget the IT Guys, the Secretary Is the Security Gatekeeper

When we think of cyber security, we’re probably envisioning a team of highly-skilled tech experts who monitor a network at a vast bank of computer screens. While those guys are charged with keeping viruses out and company information in, the real watchdog might actually be the smiling face at the front desk.

Is Your Bank Ready for a Cyberattack?

Banks have long been seen as symbols of trust and security...

Securing Your Home Wi-Fi: The Invisibility Defense

Internet access at home has become a must for most people: adults need it for work, bills, and shopping; kids need it for homework; everyone uses it to download entertainment and keep in touch with friends.

Your Online Presence: The Security Pros and Cons

Are you a social media addict, or do you shun the whole Facebook and Twitter thing? No matter how connected you are or aren’t, a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research shows there may be pros and cons to both.


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