Wow! You Won’t Believe...

...How Clickbait Can Put Your Identity At Risk!

Is a TURKEY in Charge of your Data Security?

When it comes to keeping you safe, experts rarely recommend putting a turkey in charge—whether it’s the human kind or the bird! But this Thanksgiving week, the Identity Theft Resource Center wants you to remember that a turkey can make all the difference.

Hackers Steal Nearly 250K Passwords a Week Just by Asking for Them

In the fight against cybercrime, highly-skilled IT experts work ‘round the clock to tackle international hacking groups that wreak havoc on our safety. Hackers have targeted our government and infrastructure, our banking systems, our medical facilities, even our schools, and the “good guys” fight to stay one step ahead.

Looking for a Halloween Haunt? Look No Further than Cybercrime.

Okay, so no, we don’t expect you to sit your kids down at a computer and explain the dangers of ransomware instead of visiting a haunted house. But it’s important to understand that people dressed as chainsaw-wielding villains don’t hold a candle to the very real threat of different cybercrimes.

Cybersecurity: Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure

In popular cyberthriller movies, the hero has to stop the hackers before they can launch the nuclear bomb or unleash the deadly virus on the world. The reality, while far more mundane, is also far scarier when you stop to examine the consequences of an attack on critical, net-based infrastructure.

Bad Rabbit Serves as a Multi-Layer Warning

A new form of ransomware and has crippled multiple websites and mass transit outlets.

Protecting Your Data: The Future Is Now

If you could spend just a few minutes talking to your high school self about life in the future, how do you think your younger half would react? What would you say about this thing called the internet, or smartphones, or always listening virtual assistants or self-driving cars?


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