Illinois Requires Cybersecurity Training for State Employees

A bipartisan cybersecurity bill has reached the Illinois governor’s desk, one that is being hailed as a landmark piece of legislation for furthering electronic and data security in the state.

We say You CAN Wear WHITE After Labor Day!

As fashion rules go, the old “don’t wear white after Labor Day” mantra is going by the wayside, and the Identity Theft Resource Center couldn’t be happier. Why? Because they’ve got some “Wear Your WHITE” rules that are perfect all year long!

Google Pulls Hundreds of Apps from the Play Store

There are a handful of trusted sources for app content for your mobile devices, but sometimes even these vetted sources can let a few bad “app”les slip through.

Fighting Back against Spear Phishing Attacks with a $100K Prize

Spear phishing is a growing and costly problem for email users. Mainly targeting businesses, this form of attack—also sometimes called “boss phishing” or “CEO phishing”—masquerades as an email from someone higher up in the company.

Travelers, Beware: New Malware Strikes Hotel Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi connections have long been a source of potential danger to their users, and a new wave of malware attacks has made the threat even more real. Believed to be the work of foreign operatives, this malicious software is specifically meant to infect computers and devices that connect over hotel Wi-Fi.

Watering Hole: The Latest Form of Cyberattack

There’s no limit to the creativity that scammers and hackers call upon to commit cybercrimes. With better awareness and detection of the current methods, criminals have to stay one step ahead in order to continue to target new victims. One of the more recently discovered forms of a cyberattack against businesses is the watering hole attack.

The Man Who Wrote the Rules on Password Safety Says It Hasn't Helped

In a surprising turn of events, the man who literally wrote the rules on password safety now says that he regrets it. According to an article by Robert McMillan for the Wall Street Journal, Bill Burr of the National Institute of Standards and Technology wrote the guidelines that many of us still follow today, some fourteen years later.


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