The Harm in Hoaxes on Social Media

You’ve probably seen some pretty interesting posts going around on social media. Bill Gates is giving $10,000 to everyone who shares his post! Here’s how to keep Facebook from using your photographs! Hint: it involves sharing that post…see a pattern here?

You're Just One Click Away from Online Safety With These Helpful Tips

June is the start of summer and also Internet Safety Month!

Zusy Malware Found in PowerPoint Attachments

If you’ve had any experience with computers and hardware, then you’ve probably also encountered concerns about cybersecurity. Whether your gadgets are for business or personal use, data breaches, hacking, viruses, and malware can all cause serious problems, no matter what you do with your technology.

Malware Found in "Colourblock App" on Google Play Store

After reporting on the Judy Malware earlier this month, researchers have now uncovered another malicious software hiding in plain sight, tucked inside a popular game.

Judy Malware Found in More than 35 Million App Downloads

Smartphone and mobile device users have long been warned about the content they download, namely about where they’re getting it from.

Social Media Privacy and US Law

For many people, privacy is a treasured right.

New Cybersecurity Study Results Are Bleak

When it comes to cybersecurity, both in terms of budgeting and ability, far too many businesses admit they are not on top of their game.


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