Scam within a Scam: When the News Puts You in Harm’s Way

When news breaks of any major event, scammers go to work in an attempt to steal money or personal identifiable information from their victims. Literally within hours of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, scammers were out soliciting donations to help the relief effort. The same is true of the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, and so on.

Noodles & Co Suffers Data Breach

No matter where it occurs, “suspicious activity” is almost never a good thing and it’s important to take it seriously. Whether it’s your own bank statement or a major company’s credit card payment system, acting quickly can minimize the damage and put you back in control.

New Malware Infects Parking Garage

Hospitals, retail stores, schools, and now parking garages: no business or organization seems to be immune to the effects of hacking. Annapolis, Maryland, residents are now learning about the extent of a recent data breach that seems to have affected three of the city’s parking garages, stealing customer credit card information.

LinkedIn Data Breach Results in Phishing Scams

Anyone who’s familiar with the popular “professional world” social media site LinkedIn has probably already heard the news of their data breach. Hackers reportedly gained unauthorized access to millions of user names and passwords; this is slightly more alarming than a typical credit card breach due to the fact that LinkedIn users are representing their professional lives on the site. The potential for harm to their businesses and their reputations is quite real.

"User Error" to Blame in School Data Breach

An unfortunate computer user mistake led to one school administrator resigning from her job and more than 1,000 people having very personal information inadvertently shared with dozens of people. Last December, a Montana high school assistant principal attached what she thought were meeting notes in an email to around thirty parents, but the attachment actually contained identifying data, medical records, discipline records, and even mental health data on more than one thousand current and former students of that school.

What's the Big Deal about Data Breaches?

Back in 2013, news of a data breach affecting a major retailer took consumers by surprise. Industry watchers, law enforcement, even legal teams had a vested interest in what went wrong, how the victims would recover, and how to prevent it in the future. Not long after, more retailers were hit, leading many experts to wonder if there was a connection.

Restaurants the Latest Victims of Data Breaches

O’Charley’s restaurant chain is the latest victim of a restaurant data breach, according to a report from the company. After one of their security tools alerted them to possible unauthorized activity, the company hired a cybersecurity firm to investigate. In early April, the firm discovered tampering within the company’s point-of-sale credit card machines in several of the restaurant’s locations.


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