Data Breaches

What Does the Cloudflare Bug Mean for Users?

The ITRC tracks record-setting numbers of hacking events and data breaches every year, and many of them make major news headlines. Sometimes, though, the root cause of a massive breach isn’t nefarious cybercriminals, but just a flaw in the software.

POS Data Breach Hits Arby's 

Point-of-sale data breaches continue to be an ongoing problem for businesses of every size, and the latest discovered breach is no exception. Arby's fast food chain appears to have been struck by a malware attack that infected its credit card payment system in multiple corporate-owned locations. At this time, no franchisee locations are believed to have been infected. 

Three New Medical Data Breaches

Stolen medical records are the holy grail of identity theft crimes, and hackers can make serious money selling patient records online.

New Yahoo Data Breach Puts Users at Risk

News, search, and email giant Yahoo made an announcement today about a hack that has affected an estimated one billion users, or roughly most of its customers worldwide. This is not to be confused with the September 2016 news that the email accounts of 500,000 users had been hacked in 2014; the latest breach is believed to have affected its fans a year prior to the September event.

Medical Data Breaches Come with High Risks

Each year, the Identity Theft Resource Center tracks data breach activity and keeps track of the number of compromised records. For most of the last ten years, data breaches have continued to set new annual records for both the number of events and the number of records that were exposed. But while so many people focus on large-scale breaches that have affected retailers or government agencies, there’s another kind of data breach that can have far more serious—even potentially life-threatening—consequences.

Supply and Demand in Stolen Consumer Records

It would be downright funny if it wasn’t so alarming: a new study shows that cyberthieves are being hit hard by an economic crisis related to supply and demand. The problem? There is so much stolen information being sold on the dark web that prices have dropped significantly.

Your Info Exposed: What You Need to Know About Data Breaches

It's important that consumers and tech users understand how cybersecurity issues and compromised personal data records occur. One of the many avenues to data loss that advocates and experts have pinpointed is through data breaches.

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