Data Breaches

What Is an “Over-Exposure” of Your Data?

The Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking data breaches for years and has basically seen it all.

Data Breach Notification Gets a Fresh Look

All across the country, data breach notification laws can differ based on the state in which the breach occurred and the state in which the affected consumers live. With no nationwide notification law as of yet (and two states not even having notification laws in place), that can mean a wide variety of requirements scattered across the country.

Ransomware Attacks around the World Increased by 50%

Each year, hacking events and data breaches continue to set new records for both the numbers of attacks and the numbers of consumer records that are compromised.

Small Business Week: What Mom & Pop Shops Need to Know About Data Breaches

Data breaches have made headlines around the world for the past few years, namely because the record-setting numbers of events have resulted in higher than ever compromised consumer records. But while the big names tend to get all the attention, the reality is they’re not just a “big dog” problem.

Taxpayers Encouraged to Supply Driver’s License Number…But Should They?

New changes to how tax preparers in key states operate may mean turning over your driver’s license at the time of filing, which might seem like a good idea. On the surface, it’s just another layer of protection for you as a taxpayer, right?

What Does the Cloudflare Bug Mean for Users?

The ITRC tracks record-setting numbers of hacking events and data breaches every year, and many of them make major news headlines. Sometimes, though, the root cause of a massive breach isn’t nefarious cybercriminals, but just a flaw in the software.

POS Data Breach Hits Arby's 

Point-of-sale data breaches continue to be an ongoing problem for businesses of every size, and the latest discovered breach is no exception. Arby's fast food chain appears to have been struck by a malware attack that infected its credit card payment system in multiple corporate-owned locations. At this time, no franchisee locations are believed to have been infected. 

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