Data Breaches

Facebook Will Tell You If It Compromised Your Info

In recent weeks, Facebook has come under fire for an event that might change the definition of “data breach.” 

Orbitz Suffers Data Breach of 880K Users’ Accounts

Customers who used Orbitz, a subsidiary of, to book travel or accommodations between January of 2016 and December of 2017 may have had their personal information accessed by hackers.

High-end Retailers Have the Same Challenges When it Comes to Being Breached

It’s been almost five years since the retail world was rocked by the Target data breach, an event that affected millions of US consumers’ credit card and debit card accounts.

Facebook / Cambridge Analytica Situation Isn’t Your Typical Data Breach

Data breaches continue to set records for numbers of separate events, numbers of compromised consumer records, and amounts of money they cost both businesses and the public. The Identity Theft Resource Center tracks those data breach events to help lawmakers, advocates, law enforcement and individuals be aware and stay prepared.

Cyberattack Insurance Is the Newest Business Expense

When a company takes on operating expenses, there are some costs that practically all businesses share, and then there are expenses that are specific to an industry.

Lax Security Exposes 4 Million Warner Bros Customers’ Data

With the record-setting numbers of data breaches each year, it’s easy to overlook the “smaller” incidents that don’t carry quite the same potential for harm.

Capital One Reports Inside Job Data Breach

This week, Capital One formally issued data breach notification letters to an undisclosed number of its customers, stemming from unauthorized activity between January and April of this year.


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