Data Breaches

Cyberattack Insurance Is the Newest Business Expense

When a company takes on operating expenses, there are some costs that practically all businesses share, and then there are expenses that are specific to an industry.

Lax Security Exposes 4 Million Warner Bros Customers’ Data

With the record-setting numbers of data breaches each year, it’s easy to overlook the “smaller” incidents that don’t carry quite the same potential for harm.

Capital One Reports Inside Job Data Breach

This week, Capital One formally issued data breach notification letters to an undisclosed number of its customers, stemming from unauthorized activity between January and April of this year.

What Is an “Over-Exposure” of Your Data?

The Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking data breaches for years and has basically seen it all.

Data Breach Notification Gets a Fresh Look

All across the country, data breach notification laws can differ based on the state in which the breach occurred and the state in which the affected consumers live. With no nationwide notification law as of yet (and two states not even having notification laws in place), that can mean a wide variety of requirements scattered across the country.

Ransomware Attacks around the World Increased by 50%

Each year, hacking events and data breaches continue to set new records for both the numbers of attacks and the numbers of consumer records that are compromised.

Small Business Week: What Mom & Pop Shops Need to Know About Data Breaches

Data breaches have made headlines around the world for the past few years, namely because the record-setting numbers of events have resulted in higher than ever compromised consumer records. But while the big names tend to get all the attention, the reality is they’re not just a “big dog” problem.


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