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Nigeria has long had a rather unsavory reputation when it comes to scams, identity theft, and other related crimes, but new initiatives by the country’s government and central bank are working to resolve the financial fraud that’s often been blamed on a lax system of identification.

Throughout the year, the Identity Theft Resource Center hosts informative Twitter chats on ways the public can protect itself from fraud and scams. Be sure to join us for our August Twitter chat on Thursday, August 6th at 3pm ET/12pm PT with our co-host, IDT911.

The identity security and consumer protection industries celebrated an important event last week: Military Consumer Protection Day. This event was created with the goal of helping our servicemen and women know what to do in the event that they’re targeted by identity thieves and scammers. 

Selfie Security: Your Face Could Soon Become Your PIN

While most of the general public likes to poke fun at the current selfie craze—otherwise known as the rampant need to take a photograph of yourself with your own phone or camera—one company is taking selfies to a whole new level.

America continues to age with an ever-increasing percentage of our population falling into the senior segment, with more and more of "The Greatest Generation" are passing each day. Identity thieves are keying in on this vulnerable, yet lucrative target in what's known as "ghosting," or in simple terms pretending to be a deceased individual for monetary gains.

New Information as UPMC Hacking Leads to Tax Refund Fraud

It can be hard for law enforcement officials to connect all the dots when internet crimes occur. Whether it’s a major corporate data breach or a smaller-scale single-entity event, finding out how far the crime has spread and uncovering the extent of the damage can be a case of the proverbial needle in the haystack.

With all the news of major corporate data breaches, it’s easy to forget that the “old fashioned” methods still work when it comes to identity theft. We might envision highly-skilled hackers using their tech skills to break into a system, but sometimes, it’s far simpler than that.


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