Identity Theft

Politicians have joked for some time that the best way to get more voters to come to the polls is to put the elections up on Facebook, or let citizens simply swipe an app on their smartphones. While in the US that may be a tongue-in-cheek remark about the state of the digital world, electronic voting is taking off in other parts of the globe.

Data breaches at Target, eBay, AT&T and most recently PF Chang's – along with the fear of identity theft — have dramatically increased demand for credit monitoring.

In 2013, there were nearly 700,000 car thefts in the United States, but a lot more goes missing than just a vehicle in those cases. Besides the typical losses suffered from items that happened to be in the car, such as a purse or briefcase, laptop computer, smartphone or tablet, or any other number of expensive items, sometimes it’s the driver’s identity that gets carted away too.

When identity thieves strike, most people worry about the headache involved in clearing their names, securing their finances, and making sure their credit scores remain unharmed. For most victims, the thought of going to jail is the last thing on their minds, and the thought of being arrested more than once isn’t even on the radar.

There’s already been a public backlash against the latest wearable computing technology. This futuristic-looking device, the most famous of which is called Google Glass, resembles something right out of a science fiction movie, but it has security industry experts all too concerned about what it could be used for.

What Can a Thief Do with Your Driver’s License?

With so much media attention focused on computer hacking, cybersecurity, and digital identity theft, it’s easy to forget those good old-fashioned thieves can walk away with your identity, too. In this case, it’s something as mundane as losing your wallet or having your purse stolen, but the implications of losing your driver’s license can still have a serious impact on your identity as a whole.

Believe it or not, even the IRS gets audited. Unfortunately, the consequences for making a few bookkeeping errors aren’t as severe as they are for average citizens who get called on the carpet for their creative accounting.


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