Identity Theft

Are You Working Two Jobs? 500K People Are, But Don’t Know It

Identity theft is not a single crime.

Old School Identity Theft Is Still a Threat

Tactics like check washing, stealing mail, and snatching wallets or driver’s licenses can still lead a thief to your information and your finances.

Phone Hijacking: The Latest Identity Theft Threat

Security experts have warned consumers for years that their smartphones could be an easy gateway to their identities.

IRS Warns about a Tax Scam Before Criminals Can Strike

The IRS is inundated with scam activity every year, from fraudulently filed tax returns to tax refund theft to victim calls about threatening phone calls. There is so much tax-related scam activity, in fact, that this year the agency is issuing widespread warnings about what the public can do to help minimize the threat.

Synthetic ID Fraud: Piecing Together an Identity

Posted by Eva Velasquez, CEO, Identity Theft Resource Center

It feels like criminals are one step ahead of the latest loss preventive strategies, and that may very well be the most accurate assessment of crimes like identity theft. Synthetic identity fraud a newer form of identity theft, is already believed to be responsible for about $6 billion in theft in 2016 alone, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week 2018

Scammers and identity thieves have been gearing up for this time of year for a while now in hopes of stealing your refund before you ever get around to filing.

Identity Protection Challenges in 2018

As one year comes to a close and another one looms on the horizon, it’s that time when industries release predictions for the coming year. The identity theft and personal data security industries are no different, only these predictions are based on the slew of advancements—both in new consumer technology and in hacker capabilities—that have come to pass in the year behind us.


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