Identity Theft

When Your Identity is Snowballing, ITRC Is Here to Help

On the scale of possible crimes, most people probably aren’t thinking about identity theft at the top of the list. But when you break down what actually happens to a victim of identity theft, the reality is a lot scarier than you might realize.

Synthetic vs. True Identity Fraud

By Eva Velasquez, CEO & President of the Identity Theft Resource Center

We’ve come a long way since identity theft was a commonly misunderstood and rarely recognized crime. Now this category of crime might be a household name, but it still presents a few surprises to both victims and law enforcement alike. As identity thieves and scammers continue to evolve to stay ahead, the crime itself changes, too.

Inviting Your Identity Thief to Dinner

With the holidays here, many of us are preparing for an influx of family and friends. Those same people, though, might carry with them a hidden danger: the threat of identity theft. According to Javelin Strategy and Research Center, around 550,000 people each year have their identities stolen by someone close to them.

American Express to Stop Requiring Signatures

There was a time when your signature on a piece of paper meant something. Don’t worry, the value of your good name isn’t going anywhere, but the function of your signature as proof of your identity is changing as technology evolves.

Security Summit Tracks Success in Reducing Tax Fraud and Identity Theft 

The public might not want to think about their tax returns at this time of year, but with National Tax Security Awareness Week already here, there’s no time like the present to think of your data safety.

Taking on the Fight Against Fraud

When cases of fraud make headline news, they sometimes involve major-name players like Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme that left his investor victims completely penniless, or the case surrounding Fannie Mae mortgage fraud.

Zombie Hunt Underway in App Stores

There’s a zombie hunt underway, but it has nothing to do with Halloween. While tales of biohazardous viruses and hordes of the undead can be great scary entertainment, there’s nothing fun about downloading content to your mobile device that poses a threat. This particular zombie hunt is hoping to protect customers from faulty software found in the App Store.


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