Identity Theft

Use of Your Social Security Number in an Emergency

Recently, a local government official in Texas made headlines for urging citizens who ignored the evacuation order to write their names and their Social Security numbers on their arms with permanent marker, presumably to make it easier for emergency personnel to identify their bodies following the storm. As an organization that promotes education and awareness on identity theft and privacy, we are compelled to comment on this kind of advice.

Stay Safe from Card Reader Skimming

The ability to pay at a customer-centric point of sale system is both convenient and easy. It also means not having to turn your credit card or debit card over to an employee, limiting the risk that any tampering or cloning can take place with your card. But scammers learned a long time ago that they could steal your credentials or wipe out your account with a tiny bit of readily available technology.

Back to School Means Students Beware

As college students head off to campus in the coming days, scammers and identity thieves are waiting for the chance to strike. From housing and utilities scams to credit card fraud to fake job offers, there is a wide range of crimes that incoming college students should be wary of.

IRS Reports Drop in Identity Theft Complaints, Tax Fraud

“Score one for the good guys,” as the saying goes. The IRS has reported a nearly fifty percent decrease in the numbers of identity theft complaints from taxpayers, as well as a resulting decrease in a number of fraudulent returns that get paid out to scammers.

IRS Warns of Fake Tax Software Update Scam

Only a few years ago, a data breach or hacking event typically led to the theft of instantly usable information like credit and debit card numbers. Thieves would either use that data quickly to make large purchases or sell the information to other scammers.

Scammers Steal Deceased Man’s Identity via Mail

Losing a close loved one can be a nightmare of grief and sorrow, but the daily reality of that loss can be even worse.

Is Identity Theft Scarier than Terrorism?

If you took an informal poll among your friends or co-workers, it wouldn’t take long to find out what they fear. There are common “general” fears, like snakes, spiders, and even clowns, but there are also specific fears like being struck by lightning or attacked by a shark at the beach.


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