Identity Theft

New Regulation Changes Could Make Your Credit Score Go Up

One of the most beneficial tools at a consumer’s disposal is the credit report.

Data Breach of Nearly 200 Million Voters’ Information

There’s no such thing as a “good” data breach, even if there are instances where the stolen information wasn’t quite as harmful as it could have been. One recently uncovered example demonstrates how the victims’ identities might not have been stolen, but damage can still be done.

Keyboard Apps May Be Fun, But They’re Also Watching What You Type

Imagine that a company has produced a brand-new food. It’s all the rage, and everyone’s talking about it. Commercials for it are everywhere, and your kids come home from school talking about how all of their friends are eating it at lunch.

Can Mouse Movements Detect an Identity Thief?

Technology to fight identity theft is growing more and more sophisticated, a critical advancement as hackers continue to find new ways to steal data, identities, and funds from their victims. But a new study just might give cyber security tech experts another tool to fight back against this crime: self-incrimination.

It Only Takes Minutes for a Thief to Use Your Data

Hackers have a few different goals when it comes to using stolen data.

Do I Need RFID Protection?

There’s an entire industry surrounding the protection of your RFID cards, but some industry experts are already speaking out against the newfangled gadgets.

Don’t Let that Fender Bender Lead to Identity Theft

These days, exercising a little restraint—or at least questioning why the information is needed and how it will be stored safely—is a good idea.


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