Identity Theft

Linking Your Phone Number to Your Account Carries Security Concerns

Cell phone numbers are becoming increasingly common for providing additional security.

Wells Fargo Data Breach - Not Your Typical Breach

When there’s news of a data breach, the public tends to have some urgent questions. Was my account information stolen? Have my funds been stolen? Is a criminal opening a new account or buying a car in my name right this very second?

Safeguarding Your PII

There’s so much talk about Personal Identifying Information (PII) and how to protect it, but there’s also a lot of confusion about which information you should protect.

How Quick Are You to Turn Over Your SSN?

It's worth giving a second thought when handing over this kind of information... 

Red, White, & Bluetooth: Where’s Your Location Data Ending Up?

The Fourth of July festivities are almost here, and since it falls during the workweek this year, many people might be looking to maximize their fun without a lot of hassle.

New Regulation Changes Could Make Your Credit Score Go Up

One of the most beneficial tools at a consumer’s disposal is the credit report.

Data Breach of Nearly 200 Million Voters’ Information

There’s no such thing as a “good” data breach, even if there are instances where the stolen information wasn’t quite as harmful as it could have been. One recently uncovered example demonstrates how the victims’ identities might not have been stolen, but damage can still be done.


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