Identity Theft

What Can a Thief Do With Your Wallet?

There are so many ways that a thief with some tech know-how can steal your identifying information. Methods like hacking, data breaches, internet takeover, phishing, spoofing, and scams can make the digital landscape a veritable privacy minefield. Unfortunately, the threat from “old fashioned” low-tech criminals is still every bit as real.

IRS Warns of New Twist on an Old Scam

The IRS has warned taxpayers for some time about scams and fraud that can appear to come from the agency. Callers who demand immediate payment or identity thieves who file fake tax returns in other people’s names are just two of the more rampant forms of tax scams.

Identity Theft: Are Freelancers Ready?

The world of online connectivity has changed our lives in many, many ways. In the work world, businesses are changing how they seek out and hire new employees, and individuals are leaving the typical nine-to-five workday behind in order to set their own schedules.

It’s Random Act of Kindness Week!

The concept of random acts of kindness has grown from a nice idea into a cultural movement over the past decade, and there is even an official celebration of these small gestures. The idea is that we all benefit when we go the extra mile, and that “paying it forward” easily becomes a viral worldwide movement. After all, doing something small may make a world of difference to a complete stranger.

Mail Theft Old School Way To Steal Your Info

Around the holidays, law enforcement agencies often field an uptick in reports of mail theft.

How’s that New Year’s Resolution Coming?

Remember way back when—about a month ago!—when you were challenged with the ultimate New Year’s resolution?

Know the Warning Signs of Tax Identity Theft

Tax identity theft is a growing problem for a number of reasons.


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