Identity Theft

Taxes May Be Done But Where Are You Storing Data?

Tips For Protecting Both Digital & Paper Tax Returns

Most taxpayers are breathing a sigh of relief now that their tax return has been filed. But just because your tax return is safely behind you doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Your information is now officially “out there” once again, and you have some work to do to make sure it stays as secure as possible.

College Students Face Huge Risk of Hacking, Identity Theft

As the current school year comes to a close, students around the country are already getting things in order for next fall. Whether it’s continuing your studies, transferring from one school to another, or even planning for your first year of college, this is the time for organizing your school plans… and warding off would-be hackers.

IRS Asks Taxpayers To Watch Out for Scam Calls After New Changes to Debt Collection 

The IRS will begin using four private debt collection firms to recover unpaid taxes, but only after multiple written communications over the course of several years.

How Identity Thieves Use Social Engineering

Social engineering is a somewhat misunderstood and often overlooked form of stealing someone’s identity. 

Retired Public Figure Loses Everything to Account Takeover

When it comes to scams, fraud, and identity theft, no one is immune. That’s the sad reality for a retired public figure, longtime sports writer Bob White, whose career dates back to the early ‘70s. The Louisville-based former reporter only discovered he’d been the victim of financial fraud when his checks began to bounce and calls came in from his utility companies, his mortgage lender, and more.

Tax Scammers Go After the Bigger Fish

When data breaches and hacking first began to make headline news years ago, the real threat was from criminals who would go after consumers’ credit card and debit card information.

Stay Identity Safe on Spring Break

Spring break is so close you can almost reach out and grab it, and many of us are looking forward to some much needed downtime. But whether you opt for an exotic locale or a nice, cozy “staycation,” there are some things you need to know in order to protect your identity, your finances, or both.


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