Identity Theft

Where Does Cybercrime Hit the Hardest?

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and other advocacy groups have tracked data breaches, identity theft, scams and fraud for years. However, it is difficult to identify the geographic patterns to these crimes.

So What Does GDPR Mean For You?

In a “skim the surface” nutshell, the General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR –will hold businesses even more accountable if they let consumers’ data fall into the wrong hands.

The Identity Danger of Typos 

A single typo can come back to haunt you online, as scammers purchase like-sounding domain names in order to trap unsuspecting users.

Experian Credit Report: Disputing Mistakes and Suspicious Findings

For years, consumers have been encouraged to monitor their credit reports annually in order to stay on top of their credit and financial security

Recycling the Internet of Things

Tech recycling has been a major environmental and security focus in recent years as consumers discard old computers, outdated cell phones, and other devices.

IRS, FTC Team Up to Help You Report Tax Return Fraud

 If your legitimate tax return is rejected for being a duplicate—meaning someone has already filed a return in your name—the Federal Trade Commission and the IRS are ready to help you take the next steps.


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