Kids’ Apps Serve as a Horrific Wake-up Call for Parents

Parents have been cautioned for decades about the need to monitor their children’s internet use in order to avoid various threats.

40,000 Tinder Photos Stolen to Create Facial Recognition Database

You know the saying: “Nothing is ever deleted from the internet, and nothing is ever private.”


MAC Address Randomization Isn’t as Safe as We Thought

In the fight to protect your privacy, there are a few tools at your disposal. One tool, MAC address randomization, has long been thought of as a way to keep prying eyes off your internet connections, no matter where you were.

Senate Votes to Overturn Internet Privacy Rules

A recent 50-48 Senate vote seeks to overturn privacy regulations enacted under the Obama administration.


The Balancing Act between Privacy and Justice

Privacy advocates and law enforcement are currently at odds over this issue when it comes to internet activity. In a recent case, a search warrant has been issued to Google over an identity theft crime.

Can Your Boss Check Your Personal Cell Phone? It Depends.

It takes only one infected app to take down an entire network.

What Can We Learn From a Celebrity Hack?

It’s tough to be famous. Having A-lister celebrity status and the wealth that goes along with it might seem glamorous from the outside, but recent cybersecurity issues have proven that it’s not all private jets and red carpets.

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