Give Yourself the Gift of Privacy

For many people, the holidays are a time for thinking of others. But now more than ever, it’s important to give yourself an extra special gift this year, the gift of identity protection. Just like any other kind of gift giving, there are a wide variety of options to meet every budget.

Uber’s New Policy Affects Customer Privacy

The ride-share company Uber has faced no shortage of controversy over the past few years.

What to Know about Those Pesky Terms and Conditions

It’s been called “the biggest lie on the internet,” or rather, the one that most of us tell when we click to agree that we’ve read the entire terms and conditions. The reality about those terms, though, is that you may be handing over a lot of your privacy when you check that little box.

Textalyzer Has Privacy Advocates Concerned, Safety Advocates Celebrating

There’s disturbing news for anyone who relies on a vehicle to get around: the National Safety Council has reported that motor vehicle deaths increased by 8% in 2015 over the previous year, marking the largest single-year increase in 50 years.

Are Your Holiday Purchases Putting Your Kids at Risk?

As parents, you may have to pull off an especially tricky balancing act around the holidays. It can be hard to navigate the commercials that entice kids with the hottest holidays toys while still trying to stick to a budget, and no one wants to imagine the dilemma of not being able to find that one present a child has his heart set on. However, while you focus this year on maintaining some level of sanity to your holiday shopping, there’s another important factor to keep in mind.

Trackables and Your Privacy

The latest tech craze in the realm of GPS mapping might be more of a timesaver than a world changer, but that hasn’t stopped customers from hurrying to jump on board. And anyone who’s been late getting out the door due to some misplaced car keys won’t have any trouble seeing the allure.

Did Google Disregard Privacy Concerns?

Short Answer: We Don’t Think So

Privacy is a hot commodity in the current climate of technology and connectivity. It can be hard to balance out the need for security with the enticing functionality of latest apps and gadgets. When we factor in the additional need for public safety and effective law enforcement, it can feel like our privacy gets tossed around like a beach ball.

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