Trackables and Your Privacy

The latest tech craze in the realm of GPS mapping might be more of a timesaver than a world changer, but that hasn’t stopped customers from hurrying to jump on board. And anyone who’s been late getting out the door due to some misplaced car keys won’t have any trouble seeing the allure.

Did Google Disregard Privacy Concerns?

Short Answer: We Don’t Think So

Privacy is a hot commodity in the current climate of technology and connectivity. It can be hard to balance out the need for security with the enticing functionality of latest apps and gadgets. When we factor in the additional need for public safety and effective law enforcement, it can feel like our privacy gets tossed around like a beach ball.

Investigation Reveals Illegal Online Tracking of Children

The New York attorney general’s office has concluded an investigation of some major toy brands, and the findings were rather alarming. In direct violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, Viacom, Matel, Jumpstart, and Hasbro were tracking children’s internet use through their popular branded websites in order for their advertisers to benefit.

Privacy Ruling Could Mean New Laws Affecting Consumers

The battle for your privacy is an ongoing one, a battle which plays out in marketing meetings, board rooms, and courtrooms. Companies have to weigh their customers’ needs and wants against the investment they make in their goods and services, while still meeting the government’s current regulations for protecting data and not infringing on citizen’s rights.

Your Lock Screen Might Be Giving Away Your Info

You’re sitting at a conference table, a work meeting fully underway. Your phone is next to your notebook, but never fear, you’ve turned off the ringer for this important company meeting. Even if a text comes in, it won’t disturb anyone.

Think Before You Post

Social media can be a mixed blessing. It’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family and to keep yourself informed. However, it’s also an open door for threats to your privacy, the opportunity to fall victim to a scammer, and worse, personal attacks from fellow users who may take issue with your posts. The knee-jerk reaction that so many of us feel about something we read online can lead to anger, threats, cyberbullying, and malicious targeting.

Securing Your Privacy on Social Media

Keeping things private on social media might sound like an oxymoron. After all, some of the benefits of the different platforms are to connect with people around the world, to make new friends over shared views, and to engage with strangers in order to understand our differences. But if you’re not aware of the privacy pitfalls that each different platform carries, you may be inviting a threat to your security.

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