New Legislation Addresses Patients’ Privacy under HIPAA

There’s been a lot of controversy in the news lately surrounding mental health, specifically where patients’ rights to privacy are concerned. With every new report of a horrific crime, it’s natural for the public to look for an explanation; all too often, unfortunately, the explanation turns to mental illness, and the rallying cry for reduced medical privacy rights begins all over again.

Internet Sensation Poses a Serious Safety Risk

Gotta catch ‘em all…that’s the tag line that many fans of a new location-based game are sharing as their online mantras, but the reality of a new app is anything but a game. Based off of a once-widely popular card-based game, Pokémon Go is taking over social media and users’ devices like nothing before.

Biometrics: Your Bank and Your Body

Biometrics were once the stuff of action movies. The hero employs contact lenses to pass a retinal scanner, or makes fake fingerprints out of a waxy substance that he wears over his own prints. Maybe he has a high-tech recording device in order to pose as someone else for voice recognition patterns.

Facebook Privacy Hoax Making the Rounds…Again

Social media is a really useful tool for connecting with old friends, keeping a large group of people like your son’s Little League team informed, and generally making a very big world a little bit smaller through the internet. But social media isn’t so fun when users are scammed, threatened, or defrauded; sometimes the damage is just a little naïve embarrassment, as a resurgence of an old hoax has caused.

Biometric Facial Recognition and Social Media: Photo Tagging Heads to Court

One of the major truths about innovation is that a new invention tends to come first, and then the law has to catch up to it. Cars became a reality, then came speed limits and rules about headlights and seat belts.

What Does Your Car Know about You?

Automotive technology has come a long way since the birth of the Ford Motor Company. Past advances have made driving easier, safer, and more convenient, while current innovations will make driving possible for the visually impaired, those with limited mobility, and more.

Have You Looked at Your Facebook Privacy Settings Lately?

Social media is a really great tool. It’s important for businesses to reach their customers, for agencies to share widespread messages, and for families and friends to keep up with one another. But it becomes a lot less great when tech users aren’t actually aware of how it works or how to protect themselves online.

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