Choose Your Social Media Connections Wisely

The world of social media is a truly great innovation thanks to the connectivity that it brings to all of us. But each platform functions in distinct ways, and understanding how to protect yourself from major threats is crucial to staying safe online.

Have You Logged Out of Your Apps?

There are tens of millions of smartphone users in the US, and if you asked them their feelings on having their phones lost or stolen, the reactions might surprise you. The obvious answers involve inconvenience or the expense of replacing it, but some users might list losing their phone right up there with fear of bodily harm. Why? As one teenager put it, “My whole life is in that phone!”

Privacy and Your Smartphone Settings

Smartphones have become—for lack of a better term—even smarter in recent years. The term once just applied to a cellular handset that could access the internet, but now many users are forgoing a portable computer because their smartphones are as capable as any other device.

Protecting Your Privacy under Windows 10

Microsoft’s newest operating system raised a few eyebrows and ruffled a few feathers when it launched, largely in the way it was rolled out. While industry experts were excited about the new features and upgrades before Windows 10 went live, the public sentiment quickly soured after a lot of people found themselves forced to use the new system due to their computers’ automatic upgrades.

Instagram Launches Its Own Snapchat-Like “Stories”

Social media is really a great tool, but it’s also filled with privacy pitfalls, both malicious and accidental. While there are scammers who use social media for criminal intent, you can cause a lot of your own privacy problems through your internet behaviors.

Protecting Your Privacy when Sending Your Kids Back to School

Another school year is ready to kick off, if it hasn’t started in your region already. Most kids are eagerly waiting to find out which of their friends will be in their class, and hoping they got the “nice” teacher. School supply lists are cropping up in stores, where the aisles are filled with shiny new notebooks and lunchboxes.

Your Favorite Apps May Be Leaking Your Data

By now, word of hacking events and data breaches has spread to most consumers. In fact, the abundance of news reports surrounding data breaches has actually led to a new problem, data breach fatigue, which is the sluggish response some victims may have to news of yet another breach. But what about personal privacy flaws that aren’t the work of hackers or scammers, but are purely accidental?

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