Top Scams of 2017

Whenever the end of another year rolls around, it’s interesting to look back at the year behind and compile the “best of” or “worst of” lists. Top twenty songs or films, top fashion trends or viral videos, you name it…there’s a list for everything.

Net Neutrality: Watch Out for Scams

The internet has been all a-buzz over the recent vote on net neutrality, and the issue does not seem to be put to rest.

The Clock Is Ticking for Scam Victims

One of the automatic hallmarks of any scam is that the victim must pay with an untraceable payment method. It doesn’t matter what the story is—a loved one who’s been kidnapped, a utility that’s about to be shut off for non-payment, back taxes you allegedly owe to the IRS, whatever—if you’re told you must pay with an iTunes gift card, prepaid debit card, or wire transfer like Western Union or MoneyGram, it is definitely a scam.

Holiday Job or Holiday Fraud: What Is a Reshipping Scam?

Each year, US retailers hire an estimated 570,000 short-term employees to help carry the weight of the holiday shopping season. With the need for additional manpower on the sales floor, at the customer service desk, and in the shipping department, these opportunities help companies maximize their annual profits while allowing consumers to earn a little extra income.

Apple ID Phishing Emails Are Back

Back in the good old days of email scams, the so-called Nigerian princes ran rampant with the grammatically incorrect and highly unbelievable cries for help.

Employment Scams Can Strike at Work

For most people, the ability to work from home might sound like the best of both worlds. Earning your full income while setting your own hours, being home with your kids, avoiding the daily commute, and working in your bathrobe is ideal, but the reality of that kind of arrangement isn't quite the fairy tale it's made out to be. 

FEMA Fraud Strikes Disaster Victims

When the worst happens, it is terrible to think that scammers are waiting to strike. Hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, forest fires…there’s no shortage of natural events that leave devastation in their wake. However, for too many disaster victims, falling into a criminal’s trap can make a horrible situation devastatingly worse.


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