What Are FBI Related Scams?

Sadly, the thieves of today will go to any lengths imaginable in order to steal your identity. Over the past few years, a disturbing trend in scams has been for thieves to send emails posing as FBI agents in order to try and trick consumers into giving up their personal information. received over 14,000 complaints in 2011 of scam artists posing as agents from the FBI and contacting potential victims via emails.

Online Love Just Got a Little Easier

Yesterday brought a great development for those who fight identity theft. In a joint press release issued by, and Spark Networks, the companies announced that they would begin screening for online predators. While many have focused on the fact that this will include screening for sexual predators, we would like to focus on another type of predator they will be working to root out.

Think Mail Fraud is an Outdated Crime? Think Again

While most of the focus on fraud these days is centered on hacking and cyber scamming, it's important to remember that mail fraud still has a very real impact in the fraud space. Scams involving stolen property, reshipping, money laundering, are all very real dangers which are still prevalent today. Last week, we asked Ricky Vida, an inspector with the US Postal Inspectors Office for some information on what he's seeing in the mail fraud space, and what sort of things consumers should be on the lookout for.


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