Olympic Scams that Attract Travelers and Fans

The Rio Olympics are set to kick off, and sports fans around the world have their eyes set on South America. If you’re one of the lucky fans who’ve opted to travel to the country to watch the action up close, be prepared: the usual numbers of scams associated with any exotic locale will grow exponentially during this event.

Scammy Child ID Kit Companies Coming to a Town Near You

The ITRC recently released information regarding the best practices for parents when using a child ID kit. One of the questions we heard over and over was, “Are the companies behind this really scams, or are they just misinformed?” My response was that there are probably a blend of both, but that we at the ITRC had direct experience with a scam company in the southern California area. 

Don’t Fall in Love with a Romance Scam

Online dating has risen in both popularity and credibility in the past few years. What was once commonly seen as the last resort of desperate, lonely people has now become a high-dollar industry that helps people around the world find genuine relationships. Unfortunately, the rise of internet dating sites and their widespread acceptance means more and more scammers are using that approach to find victims.

Do You Know How to Avoid a Phone Scam?

If you own a phone, there’s a good chance you have to put up with the annoyance of unwanted callers. But it’s not just telemarketers interrupting your dinner or survey takers wanting to know your opinion on political topics anymore. The real danger of unwanted calls is in phone scams.

Imposter Phishing Scam Steals Teachers’ Identities

Phishing emails are not new, but the approach they’re taking may be unfamiliar to some victims. In a phishing attempt, a scammer sends out hundreds or even thousands of emails, hoping someone takes the bait.

Armed Forces Romance Scams Snare Lonely Citizens

This country has a long history of its citizens writing to servicemen and women who are deployed far from home. They’ve sent care packages to soldiers fighting in wars, sent movies and books to those who are deployed to remote places, and just sent pen pal-style letters to let soldiers know they are not forgotten.

Scam Alert: Free Hotel Stays

Beware the caller bearing gifts… Consumers have reported a recent phone scam in which the caller offers you a free stay at a Marriott resort—although any major-name hotel brand could be used instead—and then launches into a slick sales pitch. But be warned, this one seems to be another in a long line of growing travel scams.


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