Financial identity theft may be discovered when the victim is notified by a company to verify if an application, which has been submitted, is an authorized application. The following steps are recommended:


  • How were you notified?
    • If by letter, contact the fraud department of that company.
    • If by phone, make note of who you spoke with regarding this matter. You should ask to speak to the fraud department on all identity theft matters.
    • Take notes during conversation. Have them deny the application.
  • Contact the three major credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert on your credit reports, and order your complimentary credit report. Please review your credit reports to identify all fraudulent accounts. Refer to ITRC Solution 3 for the necessary contact information to place a fraud alert.
  • Contact your local law enforcement to file a police report once you have any documented proof. You will want to order a copy of that police report.
  • Refer to ITRC Letter Form 100-1 - Initial Victim of Identity Theft Statement and Fraudulent Account Information Request: to Credit Issuers and/or Merchants.  Send this letter, and all supporting documents, to any company that lists a fraudulent account on your credit report.
  • Give the company 20 days to respond.


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