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Amazon Returns Scam

Lamar County Deputies say someone is calling residents impersonating an employee of Amazon.

Who Is It Targeting: Residents of Lamar County, Texas

What Is It:  The scammer calls residents by phone and informs them that “the TV they ordered online was a cash-on-delivery system.”  If the consumer then states that they never ordered a TV online, the scammer informs them that they need her email account information to cancel the order.

What Are They After: Access to Email Account, Amazon account, PII,

How Can You Avoid It:  As with any unsolicited attempt to collect a bill by phone, no matter what the bill is, always request a written statement be sent to you in the mail if you’re not familiar with the bill being collected.  Scammers will not want to send a letter to you through the mail, therefore any hesitation on behalf of the “debt collector” to agree to mail you a copy of the bill is usually a very strong indicator of a scam.  Never give login information to anyone over the phone.

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