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Fake charities are popping up requesting “donations” for victims of the tragedy in Lafayette.

Scam: Grand Theater Shooting

Who Is It Targeting: Anyone

What Is It: The Louisiana Attorney General has issued a warning about scams revolving around the recent shooting at the Grand Movie Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Individuals are receiving phone calls, emails and social media contacts from fake organizations asking for donations to help the families of the victims of the shooting. The organizations involved in these scams are not legitimate and funds donated will not reach the families or help the victims in any way.

What Are They After: Direct payments in the form of “Donations”

How Can You Avoid It: You should be very cautious about which organizations you donate to after a major tragedy. If you are contacted by an organization asking for donations, you should research them.  A quick Google search with the name of the organization with the word scam attached should provide you with information.  You may also look at their profile on Guidestar, a website dedicated to help consumers know about the non-profit organizations they support. While an organization’s lack of a profile on Guidestar does not mean they are fraudulent, it may mean that the organization is either new, or has not filed for non-profit status.  If you still have questions about an organization you can contact the Louisiana Attorney General's Office at 1-800-351-4889 or go to the Attorney General's website.


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