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A woman in Appleton, Wisconsin has reported individuals coming to her home to view the house for a “Rental property”.

Scam: House Rental Scam

Who Is It Targeting: House Hunters in Appleton, Wisconsin

What Is It: A woman in Appleton, Wisconsin has reported individuals coming to her home to view the house for a “Rental property”.  She has been told that the home is listed online on Craigslist as a rental property with the landlord asking for below market value rent plus utilities.  The scammers have merely taken a picture of the home and posted it on craigslist to scam individuals who have low credit scores or think they are getting a great deal.  The scammers send a rental information verification, which includes all of the target’s personal information.  Once the form has been “submitted”, the landlord asks for the down payment of $500 via Western Union and tells the targets they will mail the keys. However, no keys ever arrive and the scammer is off with the money and the target’s personal information.

What Are They After: Personal Information and Direct Payment

How Can You Avoid It: Never rent a property that you have found on Craigslist, or other sites like it, unless you have visited the property in person. You should also never apply to rent a property if the above is not true. Any property that is listed for rent, even if the tenants are still in the property, will have some type of sign that it is for rent. If you have already paid the scammers, most likely you will not get your money back. If you have provided them with personal information, such as your Social Security Number, you should contact the Identity Theft Resource Center at 888.400.5530 to learn how to protect yourself.


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