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A financial institution based out of Georgia is reporting that their members are receiving scam phone calls.

Scam: The People’s Bank Phone Scam

Who Is It Targeting: Customers of People’s Bank

What Is It: The People’s Bank, a legitimate financial institution based out of Georgia, is reporting that their members are receiving scam phone calls.  Targets are receiving phone calls that state that their bank accounts have been frozen pending verification due to a security concern. The target is directed to follow a list of instructions which culminate in them entering their account information, including your check card number, expiration date and PIN.

What Are They After: Banking Information

How Can You Avoid It: A bank will NEVER ask for your personal information on a call that you did not initiate. If you receive this call, simply hang up.  If you have questions about your account call The People’s Bank directly at 706-485-8542. If you have already followed the scammers instructions and entered your account information contact the bank immediately at the aforementioned number.


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