The Identity Theft Resource Center & BBB are participating in a new initiative by the Identity Theft Council called “100 Cities in 100 Days.” The purpose of this event is to reach out to 100 cities across the US, then equip those cities with the right training and tools to raise awareness of identity theft and cybercrime. The focus of this campaign, which aims to build bridges of communication and resource sharing in order to make awareness a reality, is on education and prevention of this fast-growing crime.

You can get involved in a number of ways, including:

  • Share the website and message with your family, friends, and workplace. 
  • Download the free security guides and start using the expert tips.
  • Get protected by using all the great free security tools.
  • Subscribe to the Identity Theft Council’s free security newsletter and alerts so you can stay one step ahead.

One of the crucial elements to programs such as this one is the need to reach citizens from all walks of life, as identity theft and data breaches are crimes that can affect anyone. Businesses, too, must be ready to respond while working to minimize the likelihood of a breach, regardless of the company’s size. Hacking events are no longer the realm of the major corporations who have millions of customers; local businesses may actually be more of a target in some ways, as thieves know the funding might not be there to purchase the highest-rated network security, or to keep tech and legal professionals on staff in the event of a breach.

The Identity Theft Resource Center has put together a tip sheet for small business owners to understand how these events occur and to know the steps to take to minimize the chances of a hacking event or breach. These tips include things like ensuring you have strong, current IT protections in place; creating a solid, straightforward employee policy on network and technology use; conducting routine desktop audits to ensure that there are no holes in your company through which a hacker can get in; and having an up-to-date response plan in place in the event a data breach occurs. You can read the ITRC’s business tip sheet here.


For more information on how you can get involved in the 100 Cities in 100 Days campaign or to request information on bringing your city on board, contact the Identity Theft Council.


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