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Most of us don’t think anything of scheduling a dental cleaning or an annual checkup. It probably isn’t our favorite way to spend an afternoon, but we recognize that it has to be done. Preventive care is crucial to detecting problems and fixing them while they’re still small and manageable.

Of course, the same thing is true of our vehicles or our homes. We don’t wait until the engine falls out to take it in for an oil change, or wait until the metal threads on the tires show through before getting new ones. At home, we call a roofer when we lose a few shingles, or call an exterminator at the first sign of bugs rather than waiting until termites have eaten visible holes in the walls.

The same is one hundred percent true of your technology, but far too many people take a “once and done” approach to protecting their hardware and their networks. Even if you’re one of the estimated 67% of computer users who installs antivirus software, without continuous updates to the software, it won’t protect against threats that were unleashed after you installed it.

Your phone is another source of tech vulnerability. Your smartphone is just a handheld computer, and if you’re not protecting it—through apps that guard against malicious software and safe behaviors that keep hackers and scammers out of your sensitive content—then you can easily be handing your critical personal data to a criminal.

Fortunately, there are so many great options to choose from when it comes to antivirus and anti-malware software companies. Many of the tools available to consumers run in the background with very little interruption, meaning you won’t even know they’re protecting you until a threat appears and is neutralized. The pricing on different toolsets can run from free for basic protection to less than $100 for full coverage. But those preventive measures will help prevent future threats; what about computers that may already be compromised? There are a lot of free resources available for checking your existing network to look for malicious software that may have already infiltrated your tech. Be sure to run a full scan once you install antivirus software in order to make sure you’re doing all you can to protect yourself.

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